Avoid Plumbing Mistakes

A Few Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid!

If you need a quick fix on a minor plumbing issue, it might be obvious to go online and search for a solution. For some problems, a DIY fix will surely work, but there are things that you are not capable of handling. You might think that a problem requires a simple fix, but there might be another monster problem lying behind what was thought to be minor. Not every time, but one is bound to make mistakes in the course of repairing your plumbing. Some of these mistakes happen due to lack of knowledge while others may come in the context of fixing. Either way, here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while repairing your home’s plumbing. It is an aiding guide to DIY errors in plumbing that can worsen what you needed to improve in the first place.

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Chemical overuse

You want to drain clogs blocking one of the pipes, and your first action is to go for a chemical drain cleaner. Something you are not aware of is that these chemicals don’t work on solid clogs like stuck hair or any other obstruction, and it is possible to worsen the situation. Such chemicals corrode the plumbing components which makes the repairing more expensive. It is also important to remember that such substances are caustic posing a threat to your skin and eyes and also harmful when inhaled. Caution should be exercised especially due to children and pets.

Applying too much water pressure

Forcing the clog out may prompt you to overdoing water pressure. You might think of pushing down your garden house through the drain or much worse, using the pressure washer. You can use water pressure gently on a small clog, but much of it will not agree to the method. Something else that poses more danger, too much pressure can build up in the pipes causing a leak or even bursting. If there is a substantial clog, all the water you pushed in a mission to unblock may rebound bringing a geyser soaking your bathroom and kitchen. Anything worth implementing outdoors should not be considered and don’t go for anything with more power than a kitchen sprayer.

Using professional tools

You may be a handyman in your home, and what is in your mind is investing in some of the essential plumbing tools for use while at home. Most of the home improvement stores have augers and snakes that you can own without any certification required before purchasing. What you should note is that they are meant for the experts. Having the right tool within your vicinity doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly. A wrongly used auger can make the clog move deeper or compact it making the removal much harder than thought. This may go to the extent of damaging the pipes which you will then have to replace as well.

Pipes disassembling and assembling

Using improvised tools can complicate removing clog and so is taking apart and reassembling the pipes. The decision can be made in a bid to remove the clog. If you know how the pipes are fitted and how they perform, well and good you can go ahead but if you are not sure, leave it to the plumber. Trying the task with no idea in mind may cause you to dial a pro’s number to work on the clog and repairing the damage you caused trying to disassemble the pipes. Breaking the pipes will incur you another cost of replacing them. Unless you know how it’s done, call an expert to handle the issue.

With this, you have a guideline on what you should take care of and not do in the course of repairing your plumbing system. It can be thought to be a simple task, but when you start making mistakes and damages, that’s when you realize it is a job requiring an expert. Following these guidelines, you will be sure of taking care of the pipes as you choose to clear them by yourself.

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