Avoid Plumbing Mistakes

A Few Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid!

If you need a quick fix on a minor plumbing issue, it might be obvious to go online and search for a solution. For some problems, a DIY fix will surely work, but there are things that you are not capable of handling. You might think that a problem requires a simple fix, but there might be another monster problem lying behind what was thought to be minor. Not every time, but one is bound to make mistakes in the course of repairing your plumbing. Some of these mistakes happen due to lack of knowledge while others may come in the context of fixing. Either way, here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while repairing your home’s plumbing. It is an aiding guide to DIY errors in plumbing that can worsen what you needed to improve in the first place.

If you want to avoid the possibility of making a mistake altogether, we suggest you give the plumbing pros at SW Missouri Plumbing a call.

Chemical overuse

You want to drain clogs blocking one of the pipes, and your first action is to go for a chemical drain cleaner. Something you are not aware of is that these chemicals don’t work on solid clogs like stuck hair or any other obstruction, and it is possible to worsen the situation. Such chemicals corrode the plumbing components which makes the repairing more expensive. It is also important to remember that such substances are caustic posing a threat to your skin and eyes and also harmful when inhaled. Caution should be exercised especially due to children and pets.

Applying too much water pressure

Forcing the clog out may prompt you to overdoing water pressure. You might think of pushing down your garden house through the drain or much worse, using the pressure washer. You can use water pressure gently on a small clog, but much of it will not agree to the method. Something else that poses more danger, too much pressure can build up in the pipes causing a leak or even bursting. If there is a substantial clog, all the water you pushed in a mission to unblock may rebound bringing a geyser soaking your bathroom and kitchen. Anything worth implementing outdoors should not be considered and don’t go for anything with more power than a kitchen sprayer.

Using professional tools

You may be a handyman in your home, and what is in your mind is investing in some of the essential plumbing tools for use while at home. Most of the home improvement stores have augers and snakes that you can own without any certification required before purchasing. What you should note is that they are meant for the experts. Having the right tool within your vicinity doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly. A wrongly used auger can make the clog move deeper or compact it making the removal much harder than thought. This may go to the extent of damaging the pipes which you will then have to replace as well.

Pipes disassembling and assembling

Using improvised tools can complicate removing clog and so is taking apart and reassembling the pipes. The decision can be made in a bid to remove the clog. If you know how the pipes are fitted and how they perform, well and good you can go ahead but if you are not sure, leave it to the plumber. Trying the task with no idea in mind may cause you to dial a pro’s number to work on the clog and repairing the damage you caused trying to disassemble the pipes. Breaking the pipes will incur you another cost of replacing them. Unless you know how it’s done, call an expert to handle the issue.

With this, you have a guideline on what you should take care of and not do in the course of repairing your plumbing system. It can be thought to be a simple task, but when you start making mistakes and damages, that’s when you realize it is a job requiring an expert. Following these guidelines, you will be sure of taking care of the pipes as you choose to clear them by yourself.

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Plumbing Catastrophes


Don’t Wait. Catch Plumbing Catastrophes Before They Happen!


Pipe bursts, water damage, and septic overflows?  These are disasters for any hardworking homeowner. You know that the subsequent repair process is just as annoying as the damage itself. However, putting in a little effort early on goes a long way in preventing plumbing disasters. Also, many of the causes for such problems can be easily prevented with little time and money.

I will say before I go on though, that if you DO have a plumbing catastrophe unleashed upon you that you just don’t know how to remedy, our local plumber, Roto-Rooter is a great place to call!


What to Do During Colder Months?

Accidental freezing of pipes can cause an enormous problem other than not having access to hot water. Frozen pipes can eventually lead to breaks and overflows. This leads to even more internal home damages that would cost a substantial amount of money to fix. To prevent such a disaster, make sure you do some of the following:

♦Install insulators onto your pipes if they are not already present. Almost every home improvement store offers a great variety of lengths and sizes of insulators. These insulators can accommodate practically any sized pipe.

♦ If possible, make sure your heating is on (around 68 degrees) or that long periods of heat outages do not occur.

♦Are you going to be away from your home for a long time?  Ask someone you trust to check on your house to ensure proper heating is present.

♦If you do notice that a pipe has frozen, make sure to turn off the water. Then allow your home to heat up for a while. Always call a professional if you believe the situation is more severe.


Know How and Where to Shut Off Water Lines

Let’s be honest: accidents sometimes happen, regardless of the precautions that we may take. So a pipe burst or overflow can very well happen to anyone. As frustrating as it is, there are still minor things you can do to prevent any further damage. One of those details involves knowing how to shut off different appliances in your home.  Anything from a dishwasher to a toilet can have its water turned off.  This will minimize damages if an accident does occur. Knowing the location of the main water valve is also extremely important in preventing any major plumbing accidents. This will allow you to turn off water to your entire house. That will give you enough time until a professional can come on the scene.


What to do in the Bathroom?

We all know what happens in the bathroom. For most of us, we would rather not have those “happenings” come back into our house. For these purposes, always keep a plunger in your bathroom.  If an overflow does occur, you are ready to tackle the situation immediately.  Also, take care in making sure that all the components of the toilet are working properly.  Especially paying extra attention to the fill valve and making sure that it shuts off the water at an appropriate level.  Otherwise, you may risk losing hundreds of $$$ on water being wasted.


How About Kitchen Sinks?

Many people dump grease down their drains, either on purpose or by accident, because it seems convenient. However, this is a terrible decision, as the grease will most likely coagulate while in the drain.  It will also block proper drainage, and cause water buildup. It is best to dispose of grease or any other food related products in the trash rather than dumping it down the drain.


Anything Else?

Accidents happen, but do not let negligence be the downfall of your home. Taking preventative measures and having routine checkups can ensure that the rate of accidents is at a minimum. An annual maintenance check by a plumber you trust can be very beneficial in spotting early damages to pipes, water heaters, toilets, and much more.

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Different Services Offered By Plumbers

Have you ever wondered about different services offered by plumbers?  If you don’t have a plumber, you are putting your plumbing system at great risk of damage which could affect the entire home or business. You never know when there will be a sudden and severe problem with your plumbing, making the services provided by plumbers essential to keeping your plumbing system in good working condition.

Skilled Plumber

Plumbers have the education, experience, training, and tools to perform a broad range of plumbing services. Also, they often offer homeowners tips on how they can manage and care for their plumbing system on a daily and weekly basis such as thoroughly rinsing our sinks, adding bacterial additives to the drains, inserting drain traps, etc. Because the services offered by plumbers are wide ranging, it is important to know these services in case you are in need of a plumber. Below is a list of different services offered by plumbers who are fully certified:

Residential Plumbing

Plumbers are experts in inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing all parts of the plumbing network in a home. Such repair services they provide include; fixing slow flowing drain, clearing stubborn clogs, fixing worn, cracked, and burst pipes, thawing frozen pipes in difficult to access spots, raining water pressure, resolving backed up sewer lines, pumping septic tanks, clearing roots and vegetation from leach fields, installing septic tanks, fixing garbage disposals, repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, sinks, drains, and toilets, and servicing floor drains and grease traps. They can even install plumbing networks for homes being built and the plumbing for new rooms such as the bathroom. They can also service gas lines, water meters, water pump, and hot water tanks.

Commercial Plumbing

Plumbers are trained in servicing commercial plumbing networks. They have the equipment and tools to service a vast commercial plumbing network system. They have video inspection tools where they send a video camera through the pipes to identify a blockage, buildup of debris, and look for damage. They have such plumbing technology as hydro-scrub services, auto injection systems, and backflow prevention equipment. They can service a commercial building in a timely, thorough, and efficient manner, so a disruption in business is minimized. Some plumbers specialize in commercial plumbing while others will work with both commercial and home plumbing networks. They can quickly and efficiently identify problems and make the appropriate repair, and they will also provide such products as natural bacterial enzyme additives, grease eating bacteria, and urinal cleaners.

The services provided by plumbers are vital to both homeowners and commercial business owners. They offer emergency services, advice on caring for a plumbing system, and they have the equipment and tools to perform a repair. With the exemption of the services of a plumber, your plumbing system is at risk of damage causing costly repairs. A plumber is an expert in making sure your plumbing is accurately maintained. If you do not have a plumber, consider looking into getting a plumber so you will benefit from the comprehensive services these experts provide homeowners and businesses.


Always make sure that your local plumber is not taking advantage of you though.  We have found that one of the best plumbing companies out there that handles pricing consistently and fairly was Roto-Rooter.  Yes, you heard me right.  A couple of decades in the business and I just threw a recommendation out about the competition.  Roto-Rooter’s pricing policies have always been consistent which allows trust to be built with their customer.  I know a little bit about this because my brother is a franchise owner with Roto-Rooter in Missouri.  In my opinion, he’s the best plumber Joplin MO has going for it.

In summary, what makes plumbers so great is that whatever the problem – bathroom, kitchen, shower plumbing and water heater repair – a good plumber will fix it completely and efficiently and cost-effectively. Good plumbers are quick, and the quality of the job is excellent.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Plumber?

This is my first in hopefully a long series of posts on plumbing, which begins with what cost should you expect to hire a plumber.  Hope that you enjoy the information that I provide.  Plumbing services are necessary in almost every home. People will call plumbers after experiencing problems such as major and minor drain blockages, cracking or bursting of pipes, weak water pressure in their taps, faulty sewer lines and clogging of toilet drains. Residential plumbing services may also include replacement of waste disposal equipment, and setting up of showers, water heaters, closets, pipes, health faucets and hot water distribution from the tanks and boilers for central heating and house hold uses in the commercial and residential settings.

Some plumbing firms and freelance plumbers also offer emergency services and regular maintenance services to residential clients. In an existing plumbing system, leak detection may involve meter reading if the water usage is unusually high. Plumbers may also rely on some other inspections using acoustic leak detectors and may also involve drilling holes in the floors, walls and the surrounding areas.

Plumbing services

Plumbers offer a variety of commercial services which include removal of drainage blockages in the network. Drainage blockages can result from settling of garbage such as food waste, hair, and growth of fungi and mold and growth of tree roots in drain pipes. Plumbers usually root out and dispose the blocks using higher pressure hydro jetting devices, plumbing snakes and rooter machines. The modern blockage clearing equipment and rooters have attached cameras at their tips. These cameras provide plumbers with a clearer visual review of underlying problems and therefore they can tackle them in a better way. They also help them in preventing sewer lines damages while unclogging them.

hire a plumber

Some emergency cases that may require urgent plumbing services include replacement or repair of water heating systems parts or the entire systems. Re-piping or re-routing of the existing drainage systems or pipelines during renovations of buildings is also very common. Real estate dealers also highly rely on the services of plumbers particularly when they need route water pipes and drainage mapping and preventive inspections during property sales. The different types of apparatus and spare parts that plumbers use include tubes, pipes, drain fittings, valves and assemblies.

The cost of plumbing services

You have learned much about the types of plumbing services, but what about the cost? The cost highly depends on several factors including quarterly contractor and weather changes. In January, plumbers charge the highest amount due to the frozen water lines resulting from cold temperatures. Hiring a plumber to fix leaks during this time of the year saves water in addition to saving you around 10% on your water bills.

On average, plumbers will charge between $165 and $205 for drain line cleaning, $360 and $1290 for drain line repair, $265 and $305 for supply line repair and $150 and $220 for shutoff valve repairs. They may also charge an amount within the range of $165 and $195 for shutoff valve replacement and $180 and $445 for water line repair.


You can easily avoid the hassles and expenses related to either commercial and in-home plumbing issues by relying on regular plumbing inspections. And regardless of the plumbing service you are in need of, you must hire qualified plumbers. The plumbers will carry out the repair work with essential skills and experience to prevent recurring of the problem. You should also consider cost viability to ensure that the plumbing service will not be more expensive than a replacement.

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