How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Plumber?

This is my first in hopefully a long series of posts on plumbing, which begins with what cost should you expect to hire a plumber.  Hope that you enjoy the information that I provide.  Plumbing services are necessary in almost every home. People will call plumbers after experiencing problems such as major and minor drain blockages, cracking or bursting of pipes, weak water pressure in their taps, faulty sewer lines and clogging of toilet drains. Residential plumbing services may also include replacement of waste disposal equipment, and setting up of showers, water heaters, closets, pipes, health faucets and hot water distribution from the tanks and boilers for central heating and house hold uses in the commercial and residential settings.

Some plumbing firms and freelance plumbers also offer emergency services and regular maintenance services to residential clients. In an existing plumbing system, leak detection may involve meter reading if the water usage is unusually high. Plumbers may also rely on some other inspections using acoustic leak detectors and may also involve drilling holes in the floors, walls and the surrounding areas.

Plumbing services

Plumbers offer a variety of commercial services which include removal of drainage blockages in the network. Drainage blockages can result from settling of garbage such as food waste, hair, and growth of fungi and mold and growth of tree roots in drain pipes. Plumbers usually root out and dispose the blocks using higher pressure hydro jetting devices, plumbing snakes and rooter machines. The modern blockage clearing equipment and rooters have attached cameras at their tips. These cameras provide plumbers with a clearer visual review of underlying problems and therefore they can tackle them in a better way. They also help them in preventing sewer lines damages while unclogging them.

hire a plumber

Some emergency cases that may require urgent plumbing services include replacement or repair of water heating systems parts or the entire systems. Re-piping or re-routing of the existing drainage systems or pipelines during renovations of buildings is also very common. Real estate dealers also highly rely on the services of plumbers particularly when they need route water pipes and drainage mapping and preventive inspections during property sales. The different types of apparatus and spare parts that plumbers use include tubes, pipes, drain fittings, valves and assemblies.

The cost of plumbing services

You have learned much about the types of plumbing services, but what about the cost? The cost highly depends on several factors including quarterly contractor and weather changes. In January, plumbers charge the highest amount due to the frozen water lines resulting from cold temperatures. Hiring a plumber to fix leaks during this time of the year saves water in addition to saving you around 10% on your water bills.

On average, plumbers will charge between $165 and $205 for drain line cleaning, $360 and $1290 for drain line repair, $265 and $305 for supply line repair and $150 and $220 for shutoff valve repairs. They may also charge an amount within the range of $165 and $195 for shutoff valve replacement and $180 and $445 for water line repair.


You can easily avoid the hassles and expenses related to either commercial and in-home plumbing issues by relying on regular plumbing inspections. And regardless of the plumbing service you are in need of, you must hire qualified plumbers. The plumbers will carry out the repair work with essential skills and experience to prevent recurring of the problem. You should also consider cost viability to ensure that the plumbing service will not be more expensive than a replacement.

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